A program ARES also works with is Project Lifesaver. This program works in cooperation with the Monongalia County Sheriffs office. Radio transmitters are worn by individuals who are in various stages of dementia, autism, Down Syndrome or other cognitive conditions and are at risk of wandering from safe areas and becoming lost. ARES trains amateur radio operators to use specialized and amateur radio equipment to locate these lost  victims. Russell “Wick” Kirk KC8RHO is a Certified Project Lifesaver Instructor. If you have questions you will be communicating with a fellow ham. You can contact Wick at kc8rho@arrl.net .

Do you have a family member or know of someone with a cognitive condition who would benefit from participating in Project Lifesaver as a client?  Contact Deputy Tony Bise, Monongalia County Sheriff office at 304-291-9270