Club Activity Ideas:

Do you have an idea for a club activity, event or meeting presentation? Let us hear your idea. Want to give a presentation on something you do that would be of interest to club members? Please share your ideas and lets make them part of the clubs next function. Send your ideas to

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Current Club Activities:

  • Project Lifesaver Training
    This is a nationwide program developed to help track individuals with special needs that stray from safe areas. A radio bracelet which is worn at all times transmits signals that we can receive, triangulate and locate those who have wandered. Bringing them home quickly and safely. We train and certify life savers right  here in Monongalia County. This program works in cooperation with the Monongalia County Sheriffs Office.
  • Fox Hunting
    Similar to the methods used in project life saver, this is a fun radio sport where a hidden transmitter (the fox) is located by club members with receivers (the hounds). This sport is part art and technology. Keen use of radio equipment and tactical methods make this a fun technology sport.
  • Field Day   (link to current/past Field Days)
    The largest national event held in amateur radio. This occurs over the last full weekend in June and is a test to assemble complete radio stations in the field and practice setting up alternative power, antenna structures and communications networks in the event of a major disaster. Not only an exercise in operational preparedness it is also a great weekend of amateur radio fellowship.
  • Local emergency communications and The Red Cross
    When called into action the Mon. Wireless Assn. has provided communications for Red Cross shelters during the February ice and snow storms of 2010. The Monongalia Wireless Association maintained communications around the clock for 7 days making sure supplies and emergency communications needs were met for shelters in the eastern and western ends of the county. These events were coordinated by ARES. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service.
  • Public Service Communications 
    The Monongalia Wireless Assn. has provided communications support for many community programs and events. The Morgantown Christmas Parade, WV Special Olympics and the Mountaineer Half Triathlon are just a few examples of local amateur radio operators providing their valuble services to the community.