Technical Reference Links

On this page is listed sites which can be useful for many aspects of amateur radio. Everything from antenna homebrewing to installing a radio in your car. Please share the links you may find on the internet and would be of interest to fellow hams and send them in an email to  so we can post them here.

New to HAM radio?  Just received your license.  The ARRL has published a quick start guide to help you set up your first HAM shack.  It can be found here.



Amateur Software



  • DigiPan   PSK Software  Very stable, widely used.
  • CW Skimmer   CW Receiving program. Widely used.
  • MMTTY   RTTY TX/ RX software. Works very well. Widely used.
  • MMVARI     TX / RX of RTTY-PSK-FSK-MFSK modes.
  • MMSSTV   Slow scan TV TX / RX Software.
  • HAMSCOPE   Multi-Mode TX / RX Software. Good eham reviews.
  • APRSPoint    APRS Software
  • Win APRS   APRS Software
  • WINTNC   Windows Packet Software
  • ECHOLINK  Internet repeater and radio linking system
  • IRLP  Internet Radio Linking Project



System Fusion

General Amateur Information and News Websites

  •   Great website with equipment reviews and amateur news.
  • QRZ    Website with callsign lookup, amateur news and swapmeet area.
  •   Nice website with lots of how to information and online receivers.
  •   A wealth of information about everything in ham radio. Must see.
  • W1CW dx spots   Webpage of live dx spots. Great to use when working the HF bands.
  •   Website for mobile amateur radio operators. Information for everything mobile.
  •   Free website hosting for licensed amateurs. Email accounts and other services.

Online Radio and Electronic Museums

Technical Data For Building, Repair and Modification

West Virginia Amateur Radio On The Web